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For any species to survive, two things have to happen: the duplication of genes and the duplication of minds. I’ve had a little bit achievement on the first part, and now I’m working on the latter.

With that being said, a more recent encouragement comes to me from another book "Making Embedded Systems: Design Patterns for Great Software" by Elecia White. I’m sure Ms. White is a very capable engineer. But when I was reading through those one-star comments her book received on Amazon and O’Reilly, I said to myself: "Probably I can offer something that is currently missing". So here it is, my brain dump over the past 15+ years in 14 chapters, published by APress Media

And it is my best wishes that by reading this book, others don’t have to go through the same ordeals that I once endured.

San Diego, California

Where to Buy

Thanks for your faith in my book. You can buy the book through:

> Amazon 
> APress Media
> Springer
> Brick and Motar

Talk Is Cheap, Show Me the Code

All right, the companion materials can be found on GitHub. They can also be downloaded from APress website

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